Joerg Dao

I`m a professional meditation teacher,
and got my scientific insights, when working on my inner perceptions.

Its in the tradition of nobel laureat Dr. Barbara McClintock, who said, that she was in the DNA to see scientific solutions.

I hosted a yearly The Future of Science-conference in Germany for 15 years.

We got some very stunning insights and results.

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Understanding Gravity

1 week training
Chemical Elements

1 week training


Field Effects

1 week training


A farmer near my hometown complained about the pollen beetle, that was eating up his harvest.
I asked him, if I could try my approach of The Future of Science. In about 2 weeks I developed a new solution. It was very easy.
I had to spray the outer lines of the field with my solution, and when checking the field after a few weeks, no pollen beetles where anymore found.
Checking with three other fields in the same village showed, that they still had very heavy problems with pollen beetles.
German TV and press covered this story, but TV refused to give me their material to me.
FoS could easily help solve agricultural problems in all parts of the world.
Without using poison or harmful chemicals.

Participating in a
science slam
in Oct. 2014.